Lifers As Teenagers

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After reading the passages I think that if you do the crime, you should do the time. I think that juvenile restriction need to go further. I understand that some teens do the wrong thing and need a second chance, but sometimes they need to learn the hard way no matter the age. I think that if you kill someone, the hand you killed them with should be cut off. The hand you stole with should be cut off after the 3rd offense if its law breaking towards others. I think being sent to jail for life is nothing. If you 're in jail you still free in away, because you still have your life, but someone lost theirs due to someone else 's actions. I think locking up teens for life is not unconstitutional, especially for murder. I think if they…show more content…
I think sending a teen or adult to prison for life is not cruel or unusual for a punishment. I think that if they don 't go to jail, they will never learn. I think what 's cruel and unusual is them killing someone else. I think letting a killer walk free is like stabbing yourself in the back. This is why I disagree with Yee 's bill. This reminds me of the Lifers as teenagers article. The Lifers as Teenagers Article tells of how Ashley Jones killed her grandfather and aunt with her boyfriend. I think this was cruel and unusual. I think if she would get out she would finish the job by killing her grandmother. I think this was first degree murder and it should not go unpunished. Her grandmother wants her to get a second chance, I think she wants this because she is lonely and wants to see her granddaughter or she had a hand in the murder case. The grandmother is 88 years old, she didn 't scare of dying so she 's ok if a cool blooded kill is free. I think that we should protect ourselves and keep the killers behind bars. This remind me of the case against a 11 year old boy who shot and killed a 3 year boy. In the case of this 11 year old boy I think he should not be released from jail. He “accidentally shooting a 3-year-old boy,” I think even if it was an accident, he was going to kill someone else if they
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