Lifespan Perspective Essay

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The emergence of lifespan perspective is due to increased average life expectancy and the healthier elderly. In twentieth century, the better nutrition, sanitation, and more knowledge about medicine have increased the average life expectancy much more than before. According to the textbook, average expectancy was 50 years old back in 1900. Today, it has increased to 78.5 in United States, and it is even higher in other countries. In fact, there is chance that it could reach 84 by 2050. There are many older adults living around now. Not only there are numerous of them, the elderlies are also healthier and more active. An increased number of researchers are predicting development as a dynamic system which is formed by biological, psychological,…show more content…
All the events happen during every age period have equal effects on each individual. People grow and change all the time. Three domains develop at each period: physical, cognitive, and emotional/social. Throughout a lifetime, individuals are growing in many ways. They can have physical changes such as size, appearance, functions of body systems, etc. They face new challenges all the time which help them learn new skills and knowledge, and think more creatively. Through time, people also developed to manage emotions, establish and maintain friendships, and pursue higher education by apply the skills and knowledge learned. Human development is also plastic; people change as they grow. Nobody is set to have certain personality, size, or skill since infant. As they get older, they can train to become stronger or work hard to achieve positive goals. Development allows individuals change and improve. However, according to research, people will eventually become less plastic as they get older. Interactive forces such as biological, historical, social, and cultural also affect human development. Some developments are age-graded influence. For example, at age of 1, infants learn to walk, to speak at preschool, and reach puberty between 12 to 14. Historical-graded influences are time, place, or circumstances. For instance, people who born
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