Light And Dark In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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Light and dark mainly represented two things in Hawthorne 's writing: good and bad. When Hawthorne desribes things as dark, he relates them to dark and evil. For example, Dimmesdale can be seen in an evil light, as he committed sin with Hester. The root of his name is "dim," which means dark. The root of Chillingworth 's name translates to be cold, as he was a cold and dark man too. Hawthorne gives images dark characteristics too, such as "the black flower of civilized society" (Hawthorne 50) and "The Black Man" (Hawthorne 193). Flowers are one of many physical items given such gloomy characteristics, because they are representing dark and negative aspects in the novel. Pearl, Hester 's daughter, even recognizes this sense of darkness. In
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