Light And Dark In The Iroquois Creation Story

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The differences between light and dark, good and bad, are blurred in the Iroquois Creation Story. The narrator captured two different views in this story, blurring the line between what is considered right and wrong. The Iroquois Creation Story does not have just the black and white, but also the gray areas as well. It makes readers question what is really good and what is bad. The overall use of light elements gives the story a light feel, but also has a dark undertone when looked at closely. Overall, the story suggests that although human nature changes, it will always have ties to its heritage, even if the heritage is considered to be bad. The strand of the creations represent the human governance over nature. The good mind creates all…show more content…
The good mind, while wanting humanity to prosper, still creates things of nature. It is because of the good mind that the earth became fruitful and vegetation grew (24). The good mind’s creations helped the animals and benefitted nature along with helping humans to thrive. This shows that nature is a necessity of human life and human life in its purest form is very simplistic. The bad mind represents nature that fights humanity, it can be argued that the bad mind’s creations are a symbol of chaos, or a simplistic life before humans. The things the bad mind creates; apes, cliffs, high mountains, and various reptiles are all created to harm human nature or in direct opposition of human beings themselves (24). Humans will always care what happens to nature because they are intertwined together. However, nature does not have to care for humans. It can be chaotic and crazy and still thrive. Humans would die if nature was not the way it is. However there are dangerous things about nature even if humans need nature. The inclusion of nature in the good mind’s creation suggests that humans want a simplistic life in unity with nature, but without the chaos of nature in its purest
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