Light And Darkness In The Scarlet Letter

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“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” (John 1:5). This verse has the meaning of all of the light or goodness shines in something that is evil. Goodness if the light of the world that shines in all of our sin. The Scarlet Letter has many accounts of darkness trying to drive out someone or something darkness. But they never realized light or goodness in someone or something to do something like that. Just because a character in the book is a main character or protagonist does not mean they have always made the right choices like Hester Prynne . In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses light and darkness to show the good and evil in people. Pearl is the best character in all of The Scarlet Letter while people are all doing sinful/ horrible things while the pearl is “Like a glimmering light that comes appeared in her wild”(63). In this chapter, we are learning about pearl how she is a good girl, even though she was born from some sinful people. In all of the dark around her and in her life she is the light in everyone 's day and shines light to all of them. “I remember it and so shall little pearl fear nothing.she may be…show more content…
The darkest character in The Scarlet Letter is Chillingworth. At the start of the book, Chillingworth knows who his wife had an affair with and tortures him through the book, Chillingworth exclaims “He will be mine!” (4). Another dark thing, how Chillingworth is described as “he would have had no need to ask how Satan comports himself, when a precious human soul is lost to Heaven” (10). Reading when a precious soul is lost to heaven, it gives chills. How could one man be so dark he goes and wants the devil instead of God. The last thing Chillingworth says is “What evil have I done this man” (16). This is referring to when he tortures him, but nobody knows. The irony of this statement is that he won 't be getting tortured later, but chillingworth will now have to have the evil about torturing
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