Light And Darkness Symbolism In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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The realism movement in the last of nineteenth century produced works in literature that were characterized by declining sentimentality and increasing objectivity. The goal was to let details tell the story, and omit noticeable leaning of the author through detailed and scientific explanation. While this technique of storytelling certainly is most accurate, it creates difficulties for authors to fuse their themes into the story. This pointed out an increase of symbolism in realist works. The objects and descriptions within the narrative are the author’s tools for displaying the values and themes of the work. However, as the author progresses deeper through his journey into the Inner Station, light and darkness symbols are inspire with special meanings which are contradictory to what they usually mean to readers. This study, focuses on analyzing the light symbols through the Whited Sepulchre, London Civility, Thames River and... so on. In the other side it focuses on darkness symbols through the African jungle, Congo River, fog and... so on. In this story, a sepulchre suggests death and confinement. The phrase “Whited Sepulchre” descends from the biblical Book of Matthew: In the quote, Matthew describes “Whited Sepulchre” as something apparently beautiful but containing horrors inside. In Heart of Darkness, the “Whited sepulchre” is probably Brussels where the company’s headquarters are placed. The labels of company its mission as one of civilizing and enlightening the
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