Light Bulb Research Paper

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Name: Alpha Topic: Light bulb Darkness, had always been the primordial dread of mankind, for people are fear of the uncertainty ahead in the darkness at night. More importantly, darkness restricts human's activities at night. Yet, light bulbs allowed all human to conquer the dominion of darkness and utterly transform the world. However, from torch(fire) to candle, candle to incandescent light bulb, among all of the luminous tools that bring lights to mankind in darkness, why light bulb is considered as the most game-changing invention while others are not as phenomenal? The fact that light bulbs provide light to all people and motivate the development of power system make it a game changer in the world. First of all, before there were light…show more content…
The above mentioned impacts are only the tip of an iceberg, since without light bulbs, all of the night activities of human will vanish, which would be a catastrophe to the world economy, as businesses may shut down at night which minimize profit. Furthermore, light bulbs nowadays have evolved in a way that it allows variegated colours to be displayed, which can be used in diverse ways like LED bulbs can be used as indicator in electronic devices(Tyler Cooper,2015). Due to the various usages of light bulbs, the impact of it had rooted in the deepest part of society and is everlasting. Light has been the fundamental factor that allows people to see at night, before there was artificial light, since there were no ways human can ever be able to manipulate the sunrise, so night activities were highly restricted and thus, light bulbs undoubtedly changed the world by providing light as one wishes. Imagine if light bulbs disappear, dynamic cities like Hong Kong and Las Vegas will no longer look the way it does now and the economy may collapse, so light bulbs have a lasting impact on the
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