True Son In Conrad Richter's Light In The Forest

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Light in the forest written by Conrad Richter. True son acted very different from the beginning, then towards the end. True son was a young man that grew up In Indian territory, and was born white but got captured by the when he was a young boy. Towards the beginning of the book he loved the Indians a very much disliked the whites and more to the end he started to like both the Indian and white. The and many examples and events that happens in Light In The Forest. True son was a young man that was 15 years old, and lived with the Conestoga Indians. His Indian father cuyloga and the rest of the Indians believed that you should be strong, a warrior, and should be able to endure pain. In the begging of the story true sons father cuyloga had him sit in the freezing cold icy water until he could not take it. In the summer his father took a hot stone and put it on his flesh until he couldn 't resist it. True son really loved his Indian culture and disliked the whites, because as an Indian he felt free. As an example when true son was wearing his white custom in his white families house, his aunt Kate demanded him to…show more content…
And now true son has nowhere to go, he is going to be a very lonely and upset boy. So I think true son is going to live on his own for a while and try to live with other families but I do not think anyone is going to expect or take him. As he lives on his own I think he could die of hunger or end up killing himself because he is so lonely and both of his family hate him. As and example the whites would kill him if he tried to go back. And cuyloga told him he could not expect true son any more because he betrayed the Indians. Also cuyloga said to true if he ever sees him in War they both have to kill and fight each other, He is no longer his dad
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