Light In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is about the life of a man named Jay Gatsby and his strong determination to marry a woman named Daisy, which is told by the point of view of Nick Carraway. Daisy is already married to a man named Tom Buchanan so Gatsby hopes that he can eventually win Daisy's heart over Tom's. It is a tragic romance and has many themes on society and social class.

In the beginning of the film, Nick sees Gatsby reaching out towards a green light, which is shining from Daisy's home where she lives with another man named Tom. The green light is represented as Gatsby's ideal goals for his life. The light also serves as a guide such as a marker for Gatsby. Gatsby's dream was to be able to marry Daisy and live happily ever after. The green light can also be a symbol for the American Dream, which was the idea that everyone could come to America, work hard, and become rich and wealthy. The Valley of the Ashes is an area that divides the two parts of New York, the East Egg and West Egg. It serves as a symbol of the social disparity in New York and the result when people try to obtain the American Dream but failed. The rich live beautiful and extravagant lives
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When Gatsby was young, he was a conformist. He was born into poverty and he had to work hard to earn money. Later on, he meets a millionaire named Dan Cody who promises him to have some of his inheritance when he passes away. However, the promise is not held when Cody's wife takes all the money. Gatsby later becomes an inventor and it is hinted that he became wealthy using illegal ways of obtaining money. At this point, Gatsby is in the Innovation stage. Nick would be the conformist because he is the "normal one" witnessing Gatsby and he is the one that tells the story of Gatsby. Personally, I consider myself a conformist since I am a person that always likes to do things by the book and because of that, I would not call myself an
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