Light Pollution

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A report on Light pollution by Ahmed Al-Hinai (Id No: 201600056, Section 7 ) Submitted on 25th March, 2018, to Mr. Samuel Bastani in fulfilment of the requirements for IIE Course (FOUND300), UFP, Buraimi University College. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Sources of light pollution 1 3. Impacts of light pollution on human 1-2 4. Impacts of light pollution on wildlife 2 5. Actions to reduce light pollution 2 6. Conclusion 3 References 4 Appendix 5-9 1. Introduction Light pollution is one of the most serious environmental issues that has arisen since 1879 when Thomas Edison invented the first electric bulb. It is a result of the artificial lights that the sky and unwanted areas. My report is about light pollution. It will deal with the sources of light pollution ,its effects and the controlling strategies 2. Sources of light pollution There are different sources for the lights that cause light pollution. However , the roadway lighting contribute by 48% to light pollution which is the highest contribution. With about 34.3% , the outdoor parking come in second position in causing a light pollution. Building exterior lighting stood third with just about 10.5% contribution .There is around 7.1% the contribution of airfield , stadium and billboard .Railway may significantly impact surrounding area, but they are mostly
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