Light Pollution Is The Imoderate And Inappropriate Use Of Light Pollution?

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5.4 Light Pollution Light pollution is the immoderate and inappropriate use of artificial outdoor light. Below are the four main types of pollution: - Urban Sky Glow: the brightening of the night sky over area occupied by humans. - Light Trespass: light falling unintentionally where it is not needed, or wanted. - Glare: cause decrease in visual discomfort due to excessive brightness. - Clutter: Grouping of bright lights that cause the inability to differentiate objects. Effect of Light Pollution 1. Environment: Every year, an approximate of 12 million tons of carbon dioxide, the gas that causes global warming is released into the atmosphere due to excessive nighttime lighting. Therefore light pollution may also cause other forms of pollution. Moreover, light pollution suppress a naturally occurring radical that have the ability to cleans the air at night. Thus, increases air pollution. Nitrate radical (a form of nitrogen oxide) breaks down gases emitted by factories and vehicles at night preventing the emissions from becoming ozone pollution, somg or other harmful irritants. This process can only occur at night as sunlight destroys nitrate radical. However, artificial lights from buildings, cars, and streetlights, although mcuh dimmer than sunlight, do also affect nitrate radical and causing the efficiency of the cleansing process to reduce by 7%. Artificial light also have an impact on ozone pollution which increase the chemicals that caused it by 5%. 2.

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