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Train’s are a very efficient way to transport large amounts of cargo over huge distances. Trains help distribute important material all around our country every hour of the day. With trains being everywhere the main concern is how do you cross a train track safely. Trains need to be treated with respect and going about them you need caution.A small train or light train is about 88,000 pounds and travels up to 55 miles an hour (unit 5, lesson 7 “light train”), even though these trains arelighter they can take up to about 500 feet to come to a complete stop. Railroad crossings are a dangerous place if proper caution isn’t used. When you pull up to a set of track that doesn’t have a gate or set of flashingrailroad crossing lights, you should do the following: turn down the radio, listen for a train, make sure you have up to a…show more content…
When walking or riding a bike over train tracks, you need to follow roughly the same outline for crossing tracks. Listen for a train, check for a train in either direction, especially if there is two or more sets of tracks, thenproceed over the tracks (if riding a bike you should walk it over the tracks) (Utah Transit Authority Operation Lifesaver).Distraction is very dangerous around train tracks and railroad crossings. A train can be loud, but if you have your radio in your car turned up you will almost certainly tone out the train whistle. With pedestrians distractions can be harmful as…show more content…
It is wise to have patients and caution whenever you’re around railroad crossings that show signs of trains passing. Most trains will take less than 3 minutes to cross. It is stupid and unsafe to go around,through or stop in a railroad gate. Your life is not worth the

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