Poem Analysis: Like A Girl

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear to do something, “like a girl?” Do you find yourself flaring your hands in the air and swaying your hips when you are asked to run? Or do you find yourself throwing a baseball softly and clumsily when asked to pitch? In todays society there is a negative stigma with the phrase, “like a girl,” a stigma that more than often gets looked over and ignored. Always, a company specializing in female products saw the need to call this phrase out for what it is, and to show how it negatively effects as they go through puberty. Through the use of repetition, association, and composition Always is able to connect to their audience, persuading them to change the humiliating meaning behind the phrase,…show more content…
At that time in a girls life she’s not only dealing with the changes that are occurring to her body, but the changes of how she is viewed by society. She begins to question her role in the world, which leaves her vulnerable as she’s dealing with all these changes in her life. So when a family member, or a friend, or a boy comments that she hits like a girl, or runs like a girl, or swims like a girl, she can’t help but question to herself, “what does that mean?” This makes her self confidence drop significantly and teachers her as well as other girls that they cant be strong, fierce, or able to exceed in what they do. It downgrades them, and makes them feel inferior to men. Always desires to change…show more content…
At one point the director asked a little boy if he had offended his sister by what he had just done. The boy said no, but then continued to say yes he did offend girls, but he did not offend his sister. While this is very subtle, by making this association that every girl is someone’s sister, this correlates to more then that. These girls is someone’s friend, cousin, and daughter, these girls are not just some gender, these girls are family. In making the association of these girls being family, it leaves the viewer with a strong feeling of guilt inside, especially for older girls that set an example for the younger

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