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“That was the thing about the hospital. You never had to worry about running out of stuff like food or ice or even chewing gum. I would have been happy staying in that hospital forever” (Walls 12).
• Jeannette Walls had been taken to the hospital at the age of three years old with horrible burns after trying to boil hot dogs. This situation was quite ironic as most children would be scared or anxious, but Walls was optimistic and enraptured by the simple pleasures and basic necessities provided at the hospital. Her burns also represent her obsession with fire and fascination with chaos.
“Like build the Glass Castle. All of Dad’s engineering skills and math genius were coming together in one special project: a great big house he was going to
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The dramatic transformation represents their self-sufficient attitude and strong determined attitude they enforced on their children, yet were unable to follow themselves.
“That was why we had to find gold. To get Mom a new wedding ring. That and so we could build the Glass Castle” (Walls 31).
• Walls discusses their plans for the future after observing the past mistakes of her parents. Despite all her parents’ faults, Jeannette sees no wrongs with her parents, loves them to the very end, and forgives them for all her unpleasant childhood experiences. The symbol of child-like innocence and faith in her parents is represented by her plans.
“Just then we took a sharp turn over some railroad tracks, the door flew open, and I tumbled out of the car” (Walls 34)
• The Walls had been moving around for a while and had just stopped for a piece of candy for the kids as they passed through another town. However, Jeannette flew out of the car. This situation represents the erratic and unsafe conditions of their entire childhood. Despite these conditions, Jeannette remained strong and continued to come up with a plan to allow her parents to find her easily. She also forgives her parents immediately and continues to love them. Love and forgiveness are important themes of this

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