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Another gem from the contemporary master of the genre, Like Father, Like Son was also a great success in the Japanese box office, netting the 10th place in 2013.
Two families, the Nonomiyas of the big bourgeoisie and the Saikis of the petit one are informed that, during their infant's stay at the maternity hospital, six year ago, a nurse mixed up their two boys, thus resulting for each one to end up in the family of the other. Both of the families are now standing against the perspective of having to switch their children, after investing so much upon them.
The film then progresses on pinpointing the differences between the two families, presenting them in kind of an ironic way: The Nonomiyas live in luxury, in a prestige flat and they raise
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The Japanese Academy in particular granted it 11, declaring it in essence, Movie of the Year 2013.
Kiwako Nonomiya retains an enduring relationship with Takehiro Akiyama, a married man, who has promised her that eventually, he will leave his wife, Etsuko and live with her. At some point though, Kiwako gets pregnant and he convinces her to make an abortion; however, the procedure causes her permanent infertility. Sometime after that, Etsuko learns about her husband's relationship and the aforementioned incident and confronts the woman, insulting her by repeatedly referring to it, in an attempt to force her to terminate her relationship with Takehiro. At about the same time, Etsuko also gets pregnant.
Kiwako, clearly suffering from Etsuko's attacks, her newfound infertility and the ending of her relationship with Takehiro, proceeds in an utterly unreasonable act, kidnapping their newborn baby, Erina, even renaming her Kaoru. From that point on the odyssey of the two begins, since Kiwako, hunted by the police, without any money or any other help and not even knowing anything about babies, roams the streets of Tokyo, finally finding shelter in an organization called House of Angel. The establishment consists exclusively from mothers and their children that for one reason or another have ended up without a

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