Like Water For Chocolate And The House Of Spirits: Literary Analysis

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People feel so connected and powerful when they are together that they tend to forget everyone else’s feelings; the ones that are around them. The ones in love completely forgets the feelings of the people surrounding them and doesn’t care about them at all. That is what is in common with all three books, Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, Love in The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende. All three books show that when two fall in love, they do everything they can to be with the person and not care about what people around them may think of them being together. In Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquirel, Tita and Pedro want to be together for so long. Tita’s mom wouldn’t let them…show more content…
In this book, we have a character, Florentino Ariza who loves this woman so much that he would do anything. Absolutely anything to be with her. One day he couldn’t keep laying his eyes off her. “From seven o’clock in the morning, he sat on the most hidden bench in the little park, pretending to read a book of verse in the shade of the almond trees, until he saw the impossible maiden walk by in her blue-striped uniform, stockings that reached to her knees...Florentino Ariza saw them pass back and forth four times a day and once on Sundays when they came out of High Mass, and just seeing the girl was enough for him,” (36). Florentino doesn’t care about if Fermina didn’t want to see him or want to be with him. All Florentino cares about was seeing Fermina no matter what cost. This shows that Florentino is careless with figuring out who Fermina is. He couldn’t even manage to speak to Fermina without her aunt being…show more content…
Clara and Pedro’s daughter was falling in love with a man that her father did not like. She did not care at all about what her parents think of her and her new lover. When her father found out about who she was dating he said, “‘Who is it? Tell me who it is or I’ll kill you!’ said Esteban. ‘I’ll never tell,’ she sobbed,” (299). She cares about her love than what her father thinks or does. She loves her lover so much that she doesn’t care about the consequences of what happens next. Blanca, the daughter of Pedro and Clara does not care about her parents thoughts at all towards her lover. Blanca becomes very careless about her parents’ feelings but mostly her
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