Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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In the novel Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel,it's genre “magical realism is a realistic style of imaginary scenes or realistic fiction.”Esquivel demonstrate the idea of revolution and liberty with the war that takes place in 1910 during the Mexican revolution, a battle between the federales and rebels, as well as figuratively in Tita’s struggle within herself with Mama Elena. Throughout the book conflict arisen between family ties along with political affairs. The struggle is very difficult to overcome family tradition as well as breaking bonds to find independency during the time of crisis. In every act of bad deed or a feeling of guilt Tita felt that Mama Elena would be there watching her. For instance, “Tita no longer had a mother but she couldn't get rid of the feeling that any minute some awful punishment was going to descend on her from the great beyond, courtesy of Mama Elena. That was a similar feeling; it was like the fear she felt when she was cooking and didn't follow a recipe to the letter. She was always sure when she did it that Mama Elena would find out and, instead of congratulating her on her creativity, give her a terrible tongue-lashing for disobeying the rules”(esquivel, page 198).…show more content…
Tita’s paranoid and fear of Mama Elena coming from the dead to punish her because of what she has done When Tita and Pedro commit infidelity, Mama Elena came from the dead and confirms Tita that she is pregnant with Pedro’s child. She came and making more worries for Tita along with constantly criticising and tormenting her
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