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In the novel Like Water for Chocolate, Laura Esquivel provides an insight into the lives of family members and their experiences. In this literary work, the author uses magical realism to highlight the conditions under which the youngest daughter Tita and the rest of the family members live. The book discusses the difficulties faced by the protagonist in her attempts to experience true love and be united with the lover despite the constant risk of going against Mama Elena’s assertions that the last born daughter is not be married; instead, they should take care of their parents in their old age. Themes of violence, passion, and ridicule in the novel are what the book presents as the main challenges that face women on a daily basis.
Laura Esquivel
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According to my beliefs, the story reflects on various topics covered in the textbook. Despite the role of the woman in the society is vital in ensuring stability, they always face the numerous challenges that limit their productivity. Gender violence is one of the leading issues experienced by women of all ages. In the novel, Mama Elena resorts to aggressiveness and coerces Tita to obey her. Moreover, she imposes rules on her last born daughter thereby diminishing her decision-making ability. The verdict to stop the marriage between Tita and Pedro was not only cruel but also led to increased loneliness for her daughter. I am convinced that the mother is excessively harsh on her child, and every slight protest is met with angry tirades and physical violence. For instance, Mama Elena subjected Tita to beatings when she was accused of intentionally ruining the wedding cake as well as when the mother was blamed for the death of Pedro. As for me, the book vividly demonstrates how specific behavioral models initially intended to help women cope with difficulties may exacerbate the situation.
Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate highlights the issues faced by women in the society. The novel provides an insight into the atrocities that some members of the female cast are subjected to on a daily basis. By focusing on the themes such as self-growth, violence, and passion, as well as how they influence decision-making among the affected individuals, the book is a relevant reading to supplement the knowledge on women and gender
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