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The sharp and succulent smell of beef and onion sizzling on the stove top left Tita in a crying state at the beginning of August. Like Water For Chocolate is written by monthly and has many recipes at the beginning of every chapter that set the mood.The structure in Like Water For Chocolate strengthens the ability to follow along and connect to the text.

The structure in Like Water For Chocolate gives a sense of flow to the story. The chapters are broken up into months, which helps the reader have a better understanding of the time frame you are in. So when you begin a new chapter, you also begin a new month, which could make the characters older, or a different time frame. At the beginning of each chapter the author gives you a recipe along
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First off “ Like Water for Chocolate’s” format makes it hard to keep track of time depending on what happens in the chapter and makes it impossible to determine how many years have gone by, an example of this would be in april when it skips from Tita in the kitchen preparing the turkey mole to Roberto's birth. Occasionally in chapters There are flashbacks and these events are very confusing and, in most cases, unnecessary. The book skipping from Titas birth to her 16th birthday is a phenomenal example of this. Likely the most confusing element of this writing format is the simple fact that you never know what time of day it is, for all we know Tita and her family could be eating dinner at 2:00 in the morning and no one would know.

As seen throughout the essay, the structure of Like Water for Chocolate strengthens the story. Some people may find the structure confusing but it helps the story flow so you can follow along with the text and also connect to the text. Understanding the structure really helps out with the ability of understanding the actual story. Following along by monthly and knowing the recipes allows the tone of the chapter to be understood better. Talking about this allows for better comprehension for all people in the literature

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