Like Water For Chocolate Tradition Analysis

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Some traditions can be seen as a way of comfort and a way of bringing the family together, and in some circumstances it might ruin someone's life. In the novel, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, it reveals family conflict about traditions, and how it can cause a person to become captive. Tita, the youngest daughter of Mama Elena, is unwillingly following a tradition that doesn’t allow her to marry and to serve her mother until she dies. Pedro is Tita’s lover and they wish to marry, but Mama Elena opposes it. Then Mama Elena introduces Tita’s older sister, Rosaura, who is free. He takes the marriage to come closer to Tita. She doesn’t allow such a tradition to overcome her defiant ways, and so it stirs up conflict. In the end her mother…show more content…
The sad part here is that Rosaura was the one who ended up to be harmed in the novel. As everyone in the novel is focusing on their own feelings they don’t realize the most unfortunate one is Rosaura. Mama Elena mentions Rosaura as if she was livestock by saying, “‘But if you really want Pedro to get married, allow me to suggest my daughter Rosaura, who’s just two years older than Tita. She is one hundred percent available, and ready for marriage. . . .’” (Esquivel 13). Imagine being married to someone who you barely know and don’t love. Rosaura never wished to be married, and never wanted to be like this. She had to live with someone she didn’t love and had kids with him. She had the resentful eyes from her little sister who she loved dearly. Tita doesn’t realize that Rosaura has doe everything she could to make her happy, but Tita won’t accept what she is trying to do. While dealing with the frustration with her sister, she experience horrendous illnesses that causes her to isolate herself. Sulking about her husband cheating on her and as she locks herself it seems as if she could attempt suicide at anytime. After revealing her death Rosaura is truly the most unfortunate in the novel. Overall, Rosaura didn’t have any desires to pursue which allowed Mama Elena restrict her from anything
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