Like Water For Chocolate True Love Analysis

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True love is feeling complete only when you’re with that person. True love is wanting the best for that person even if it hurts you. True love is knowing that you’ll do anything for the other person and they’ll do the same for you. In Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, Pedro and Tita fight for years for the “love” that they share. In a series of events, Pedro marries Rosaura, Tita’s sister, to be closer to Tita. When Rosaura and Pedro get forced to leave their home and go to San Antonio, Texas, Tita “falls in love” with John, a local doctor. She feels torn between the two, and when Pedro and Rosaura come back, she ultimately decides on Pedro. The fact that she was torn between John and Pedro shows that she had never genuinely experienced true love. Her experience teaches us as human beings, we love many different kinds of people in our lifetimes, but true love can only be found in one person.
In Tita’s life, it is shown over and over that she hasn’t been exposed to true love. From the beginning, Tita and Pedro have had more infatuation than anything else in their
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Sometimes we don’t think long-term or even what is best for ourselves. Love is a tricky and complex thing that should be thought through before we make our decisions. At times this doesn’t happen but like Pedro, we must try to make the best of it. Our quest for true love will be fulfilled once we find the person that we know will be the one. Love may start with infatuation, but relationships, in my opinion, should be based on someone’s character and personality. You’ll know for sure when that person comes, not because you’re infatuated, but because you have a strong relationship with that person and because of them, you are a better person. That true love is only to be found in one person. So next time you think you’re in love, think about your relationship carefully before you make any
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