Likely Job Character

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chapter of Job, this appears to be a fun-loving, God-fearing, tight-knit family. Who was the heartbeat of this home? Likely Job's wife played a big part in that. It's unlikely he could be such an esteemed man in society (Job 1:1) if his wife was not an integral and influential leader in her own right. She also experienced dramatic financial loss. The Bible describes Job as a wealthy man, perhaps the richest in the world (Job 1:3). Undoubtedly his wife was accustomed to a lifestyle of luxury and comfort. I imagine her home was adorned with the finest furnishings, her clothes spun from the most expensive threads. Her children likely had everything they needed. In one really bad day, she lost it all. All their wealth, property, and way of life…show more content…
He didn't hesitate to rebuke Job's friends (Job 42:7-9). All we know of God's treatment of Job's wife is he blessed her after the whole issaue was over. She shared in the doubling of their wealth (Job 42:10). She had the “privilege” of giving birth to ten more children, whom the Scriptures said were the most beautiful in all of the land (Job 42:12-15). Although Job’s daughters and his wife have only very small parts, it is interesting that the three daughters born after his misfortunes are each named, are described as exceptionally beautiful, and unaccustomarily are given an inheritance. And it's likely Jod’s wife shared in the many more good years of her husband's life. The Scriptures say that Job lived to see four generations of his offspring (Job 42:16). So what can we learn from Job's wife today? Perhaps her testimony is her simple presence during her husband's lowest moments. We read that his siblings and friends returned and consoled and comforted him because of all the trials the Lord had caused him (Job 42:11). It's easy to show compassion after the event, but during Job's lowest moments, they were nowhere to be found. Yet every single day, there was his wife, caring and enduring the trials Satan had inflicted, but seemingly without knowing
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