Lil Dicky Research Paper

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Laughter can enlighten somebody’s day tremendously. One major comedic artist is Lil Dicky, with his fast rapping and ability to make you smile in one line is impeccable. Laughing is good for a person’s feeling. It’s important to laugh throughout the day, it makes life less mind-numbing. Laughter brings joy and uplifting spirit to somebody’s day. Whether they have had a good or bad day, laughing will make their day positive. Everytime i see someone frowning on the other side of the class I try my best to make them smile. Whether it’s doing something foolish, or just simply smile at them. If I see my friend sad, I try my best to bring them back to reality by sharing happy memories. If I haven’t had a memory with someone I talk about the future and what could happen, while throwing in jokes in the story as well.…show more content…
An artist who goes by the name of Lil Uzi Vert adds in his own ad-libs during his songs. My friends and I repeat those ad-libs because they are humorous and makes us laugh as well. Golf rides can be full of laughter, smiles, good vibes, yelling, and much more. One memory that will never leave my mind is the time we saw an alpaca while leaving the course. Dank memes are essential for my day, I share them to my friends and they laugh and it brings joy to me knowing laughter has enlighten their day. “True humor is fun-fit does not put down, kid, or mock. It makes people feel wonderful, not separate, different, and cut off.”- Hugh Prather. Laughing is my necessity in my day, maybe it’s not in my neighbor’s, but I will try my best to bring them joy. Laughter makes life ten times better, especially when it’s with close friends. It’s important to laugh throughout your day because it makes your day positive and the positivity will spread to other
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