Lil Lilly Operation Christmas Child

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Lilly thought that children who didn’t have a present to open on their Christmas day could be miserable, thus she decided to make 100 gifts made up of school supplies and other gifts then donated to Operation Christmas Child, which is a charity. At Lilly’s home, there is a lemonade stand, and her mother told her that she could make a goal about the money she expected to receive, and it’s depend on she wish to save her money to buy something or donate it. Her mother pointed out about charities to her, and then she figured out that she wish to donate. She and her younger sisters set her lemonade stand up to sell cookies and gallons of lemonade and made gifts from the money she made and invited her friends to help her out. She and her friends purchased the supplies, packed them to each box, and then send the boxes to Samaritan’s Purse distributors. Her action became the others’ inspiration and motivation.…show more content…
To begin with, she felt compassionate for the children who didn’t receive a gift in Christmas Day. In childhood, she thought that almost every child should be able to receive a gift in special day such as Christmas Day. In Christmas Day, all children should be exceptionally cheerful when they found a present for them in Christmas’s morning. Secondly, Lilly is merciful because she has grown up in an appropriate environment, her father is soldier who protect and support people and her mother always teach her about charity. Lastly, she has the supporters. Her younger sister helped her in lemonade stand to find money for her project. And there are another support such as her parents and her friends to find the donations to buy gifts, which reach 100 boxes. In conclusion, because of her kind heart, great family and the persons that supports her in this donation and makes it to be real by her
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