Lil Wayne Essay Against Interpretation

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Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, also known as Lil Wayne, is a prominent force in the rap industry. He is a known rapper that has been in and out of jail throughout his life. He had a rough upbringing, his mother had him when she was only nineteen years old. She raised him as a single mother since his father left when Wayne was just two years old. That being said, his mother was forced to raise him on her own and survive in a crime infested city, Hollygrove in New Orleans. Hollygrove, New Orleans is one of the poorest neighborhoods with a lot of gang and drug related activities. Wayne 's mother eventually remarried and moved into a different part of town where Wayne did very well with his studies. Wayne was always fascinated with music. At the age of eight, he came up with his very first rap song. He later on met Slim and Bryan Williams, the founders of Cash Money records…show more content…
Song lyrics can be interpreted differently in so many ways. I personally like to listen to the actual lyrics to the song to see what the composer is actually trying to say. Many songs have deep, double meaning behind them and many people do not fully catch onto it. Although, some do, they do not always get the right interpretation. The composer can be trying to convey a positive or negative message with the song and the audience can grasp the complete opposite. In the essay "Against Interpretation", I agree with Sontag in that many interpretations are a simple statement that take away the deep meaning it originally had. Sontag makes a strong argument that with time, the interpretation has changed immensely over time. She mentions how nowadays, people take interpretation too literal but not as serious. She believes that when it comes to someone 's work or art, many do not take the original message as serious as it is meant to be. After watching a few covers, I noticed many singers used a different tone and beat for the song. They do not sound as serious and hurt, the way Lil Wayne and Bruno

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