Lil Ze And Bennie Character Analysis

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The two characters I chose to write about are Lil Ze and Benny because they were like brothers in the movie, they did everything together. They robbed motels, trucks, eliminated competition for their drug business, but was also very different from each other; For example, Benny was super chill and wanted nothing but simply to help out people in need, however, Lil Ze wanted to conquer the land and everybody in it. So, he went around every drug dealers area and killed them individually to let the people know that there is a new boss in town.

Lil Ze was raised in a poor community where his family didn’t have much. The environment around him wasn’t that good and that has influenced him heavy on violence because he didn’t have money to buy the things he wanted, so he used acts of violence to solve his problems. He stole, killed, raped, any type of force he used to get what he wanted. His motivation has been to be
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If you live in the slums or the ghetto, then you’re going to make some hard choices that you might not wanna make, but if you want to live it shouldn’t be a problem at all. If you live in the suburbs or some rich, wealthy, area, of course, the living style is going to be totally different because you mostly have everything you need to survive, then where in the slums you take whatever you can get and deal with it. Also, the way you handle things is going to be a big turnout on how your life is going to be. For example, Lil Ze all he wanted was to be powerful and to be the boss of the slums;look how that turned out not so good. People were scared of him, girls called him ugly, didn’t really have any friends, raped girls. Unlike his friend Benny everyone loved him, he was such a cool guy handed out free drugs, was good looking, had a girlfriend, brought people closer together. In the end, it’s all about how you handle the situation, whether you include violence or
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