Lila Ross: A Short Story

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The last time Mark had consensual sex was over three years ago. Not due to lack of opportunity, but because it no longer excited him. What did, was the power of taking one unwittingly, by force, and that was the case with Lila Ross. Even though his nips and bites and breathy gasps were designed the woman, and demonstrate his own urgent need, Mark 's ability to maintain an erection wasn 't caused by the heat of their kisses, her tight, womanly body, Lila 's obvious arousal, or the sensations the velvety warmth of her dripping cunt had to offer.

In fact, Mark barely experienced any pleasure at all as he fucked Lila. It was only the friction of her muscles clamped around his shaft, and the knowledge that eliciting moans and pants of enjoyment rather than screams and
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That thought elicited a groan as his teeth located her collarbone, and he bit down. Momentarily, Mark gripped the skin between his molars, and nipped fiercely enough to cause pain, and continued to encourage Lila 's impending orgasm. One that he sensed, from the quivering mess she 'd become, the raking of her nails down his back, and the flood of juices that coated his manhood, wasn 't far away. Harder and faster, his balls slapped her thighs as he kept her pinned to the wall, and the lewd noises of flesh smacking against flesh and his shaft unrelentingly pounding her soaked pussy intensified. '"I 'm gonna cum."

Eventually, with a cry of faked bliss and gratification, the man kissed Lila forcefully. His hot, writing tongue slipped back into her mouth as he lifted one hand from her ass, and maintained eye contact. Mark Duboius ' fingers wrapped around Lila 's throat, and he pushed her head hard against the wall; it taking everything in his power to resist the temptation to squeeze and force the woman 's eyes to pop out of her skull; when he exploded. Hot jets of cum spurted deep inside her, and a combination of his seed and Lila 's juices sprayed from her cunt as he continued to thrust throughout
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