Lili Lanham's Journey

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“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables. Hugo believed that although the world is full of hardships we must persevere and see possibility in a new day.In the essay “The Life Of a Lili” the writer Lili Lanham goes through many trials that challenge her views on life as a whole and in turn discovers herself as a person with traits such as stubbornness and courageousness that allow her to push through any obstacle.In Comparison in the book “Pele and Hi’iaka A Tale of Two Sisters,” Hi’iaka demonstrates these same traits , which allow her to withstand any obstacles her journey will bring.When comparing theses traits an individual can observe that they both have a similar outlook on life. This outlook allows them to endure and persevere through any discouragement that may be thrown their way. The first trait Lili and Hi’iaka share are their ability to be stubborn no matter the consequences. In the essay “The life of A Lili” Lili decides to pay no mind to her mother's wishes and journey home through a blizzard in order to prove a point to her mother.Lanham writes, “ I reached the road instead of going to the bus stop like my mother had told me to do, I turned going in the direction of my home. … “ Finally, after what had seemed like an hour, I was home. I walked into my…show more content…
In the essay “The Life of A Lili” Lili explains her struggle to fit in when she became a target of a bully.Lanham writes, ”I struggled every day trying to avoid places where she hung out, but one day in an art class she and her friends started throwing crayons at me laughing hysterically like hyenas. I couldn't take it anymore; I put my head down and I had a good cry.”(Lanham 3). Even though Lili had a rough experience which resulted in breaking down, she still was able to have a positive outlook on her situation. Similar to that of
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