Lilian Bland: The First Woman To Fly An Air

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Lilian Bland, contrary to her name, was not so ‘bland’ at all. Bland was a woman that made a mark in aviation history, but you have probably have never heard her name. I am sure the name you do think of when you hear “first woman to fly a plane” is Amelia Earhart. However that is not true. Lilian Bland was the first woman in the world to fly an aeroplane. Not only did she fly a plane, but she also designed and built her own aircraft. Her journey to becoming the first woman to design, build, and fly the first aeroplane was not easy at all. She changed history, even if it was only slightly, yet most people do not even know about her incredible accomplishments.
Lilian’s story begins in 1878, near the village-like-town Maidstone in Kent, England. She grew up in Willington House on Willington Street with her father, mother, and siblings. Although she was born in England, her Irish roots date back to about 1607. Her parents were John Humphrey Bland and Emily Charlotte. After Emily’s death in 1900, John moved the family back to north of Belfast in Carnmoney to live with her aunt Sarah. She stood out like a horse standing in a crowd of ducks because
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Lilian explored around the meeting, trying to absorb as much information as she could about flying. She took many notes as if she was required to write a research paper about all that she learns and aviation. The airplanes on display also provided Bland with many notes on the measurements and dimensions, which she carefully noted in detail. She also took notes on the techniques the aviators used and the ways the aviators on site were flying. Later on, she would read and study all she could about aviation and flying in any book, magazine, or article she could get her hands on. The beginning of her pursue to achieve her aviation dream started in her late uncle’s workshop. There she began her designs and the building of her

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