Liliana Heker's All Summers In A Day

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At the beginning of the story Liliana Heker shows that sometimes in life we have things that we want so badly. Like how Rosaura wants to go to the party.”I’ll die if I don’t go,” she whispered, almost without moving her lips.” Liliana Heker uses this to show how badly she wants to go. Rosaura feels like the party can change her life, and she cares about it very much.”She felt very sad. She wanted to go to that party more than anything else in the world.” She says this to show the feelings of wanting.Liliana Heker uses feelings and emotions to show that people always want stuff. In All Summers in a Day, Ray Bradbury uses symbolism to show that the sun represents the kid's happiness. The kids were mean, depressed, and jealous. When Margot was
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