Sexuality In Lillith's Lilith

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Lilith is a crazy well written play that incites a lot of complex emotions. This play has qualities that would cause a reader or audience to be entranced such as a strong emotional pull and passion, however the racism, sexism, and downright lack of respect for any type of life is somewhat disgusting. The moral of the play is how women use sexuality to manipulate men only gave a backdrop to the playwright to use to reinforce these prejudices. The inciting incident that occurs before the play is when Lillith goes to the dance with Harvey and decides to marry him for money. This is talked about in act 1 through the conversation between Lilith and Hugh when she breaks up with him. This is the inciting incident because it is what causes the reason…show more content…
This is very important to how the play is construed because it is practically a show of opposition to this movement. This play is like a warning of what the playwright believed that the 1920s women’s empowerment movement would lead to. Lilith has an interesting mix of ideas and points that seemed both controversial and relevant to the time period. For one thing, in relation to the theme of sexuality, it does not outright say that women's sexuality is bad, however it condones women for being lustful and driven by that lust. It also condones women for tempting men. Another point that could be seen of the time period within this play is how people reacted to Lilith's affair and leaving Harvey in comparison to the reaction against Dennis and his leaving Joan which was much less severe in comparison to the reaction that Lilith got. Another controversy that was interesting in this play that could speak much of the time period and setting, is the focus on hunting and how it was actually acceptable and desired for a woman to hunt on horseback, however it was looked down upon or seemed very unlikely that a woman would hunt exotic game. This was seen in Dennis's admiration of Joan in the fact that she likes to “rides to the hounds” but according to Broomsfield, women shouldn't be allowed to go on huge hunting trips. The idea of hunting exotic animals in Africa also points to the early 20th century time period as well because this is when colonization and the idea of big-game hunting for the European aristocracy in Africa became popular. Other themes within Lilith also seem controversial and are reflective of the time period. The theme of race shows Europe's interest and fascination with Africa, yet the depiction of the African people is crude and ignorant. It also shows

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