Lilith Research Paper

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Concurrently, Lilith became intertwined with Ishtar and Inanna in Babylonian as sacred prostitutes. In the Old Testament, Lilith dwells in desolate desert places; predominantly occurring as a sexual predator toward men. Virtually, early portrayals of various demons identified with Lilith, exhibiting Zu bird talons for feet and wings. Prevalently, along with other demons, Lilith occurrences in the Dead Sea Scrolls, demonstrating an undeniable indication of her reputation by being grouped with other beings of debauchery. Fig. 39. The Burney Relief was found in the area of ancient Babylon and dates 1800-1750 B.C., and is within a Mesopotamian text. Ishtar/Inanna Manifestly, two of the earliest goddesses, Ishtar and Inanna, became…show more content…
The Church Father Clement of Alexandria referenced Pan and naked Aphrodite as perverted and adulterous. Aphrodite became center stage for the ancients, for it became impossible to imagine being sexually aroused or making love without her present; supposedly, Aphrodite occurred so inseparably a part of humans that she persisted as being inborn in their joints. Unequivocally, her supreme temples became abundant, declaring them to be magnificent buildings; which employed thousands prostitutes. In addition, Pausanias wrote the Description of Greece, and states of a temple of Aphrodite, “The precinct of the Aphrodite is surrounded by a wall, and within the precinct sits a bronze image of Aphrodite upon a bronze ‘he-goat.’ Festivals became held in Aphrodite’s honor celebrated all over different cities; Athens and Corinth existed among the greatest. Vehemently, Aphrodite and Venus paralleled; although, the majority of scholars think Venus occurred as the first goddess due to figurines and prehistoric statuettes of women portraying similar physical attributes from the upper Paleolithic. Yet, as stated in Part II, Aphrodite popularity as ‘the queen over sexual pleasure’ transpires as being targeted sexually among the Greeks and finally through Christian’s fathers of the church for her lustfully
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