Lilith Vs Lamia

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One of the earliest references to vampires was in ancient Greece. They refer to a creature called "Empusa" or "Lamia" that has the appearance of a horrible winged female demon that attracts young men to their death in order to drink their blood and eat their flesh. Also, Lamia was a mistress of Zeus who was driven to madness by Hera. In hers madness, Lamia murdered her children, so at night she goes hunting human children in search of revenge (118). Lamia was the first female vampire who seduces men and drink human blood. A second trace that can be found in the concept of vampire in history makes reference to Western religion. McNally and Radu talk about the first woman on Earth called Lilith or Lilitu. In the Talmud, the book of laws, customs and Jewish traditions, Adam had a wife before Eve named Lilith. However, Lilith disobeyed Adam and questioned his authority. For her disobedience her children were killed, and she was transformed into a monster that lurks in the nights. Then Eve came and she had the sons of Adam. With extreme jealousy and anger, Lilith turned her revenge on the sons and daughters of Adam (118). Other tales tell how Lilith was vanished from Eden into the underworld where she became the mother of demons. Although Lilith does not drink blood, the fact that she is a creature of the night that challenged the patriarchal laws is what positions her as one of the first representations of vampires in history. Another early trace on the history of the
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