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I. Personal Background A) Birth Date and Location: Lillian Wald was born on March 10, 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio B) Early Life Information: Lillian Wald was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born and raised in a German-Jewish middle class family. For six years Wald traveled around the globe where she worked as a newspaper reporter. When she was in her early twenties, her family moved to Rochester, New York. C) Education: It is clear that Wald and her family had a career minded vision of success and had high expectations. Lillian Wald graduated from high school at the young age of fifteen. Wald later graduated from New York's Hospital's School of Nursing and attended Woman's Medical College. D) Family Information: Lillian Wald was born to Max and Minnie Wald. Wald was the third of four children. Wald's grandparents were extremely religious and were Jewish scholars and rabbis. E) Career Experience: During her early twenties, Wald served as a volunteer nurse to poor immigrants. Wald dropped out of medical school and organized the Visiting Nurse Society (VNS). She played a vital role during World War 1 as she was chosen to be the Chairman of the Committee on Community Nursing of the American Red Cross. II. Reform Profile: A) Criticisms of American Society: Not only was Wald a nurse, social…show more content…
Wald was a public nurse and saw all kinds of diseases and illnesses which convinced her to preach the different ways society can protect itself. Wald provided many solutions such as the VNS which was a group of public nurses. She was the Chairman of the Committee on Community Nursing of the American Red Cross where she was chosen to speak for the US at international Red Cross meetings. Wald also convinced public work places and universities to always have a professional nurse in an effort to make work and school

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