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Lily Carson is beautiful, shockingly so. With hair brighter than sunshine and softer than silk, eyes a disturbingly clear yet sedating sea green, legs that just won 't quit with a body to match, and a mind deeper and more expansive than most everyone she encounters, the potential for her to seize the world by it 's short-hairs is obvious to all. There 's only one problem...

Lily Carson LOATHES her appearance above all else. The only moments in her life when she doesn 't see her pulchritude as a curse are when she 's using those physical gifts to bring "true justice" to rapists and pedophiles who fall through the judicial cracks.

What 's "true justice", you ask? Well, for Lily it 's a mix of torture, disfigurement, castration, and occasionally murder. Lily 's passion for vengeance was sparked on the night of her 13th birthday, when her own uncle, Harry, her closest friend and confidant, couldn 't resist her allure anymore and took her virginity by force. With each instance of rape during the four long years after that night her hatred of Harry, of all sexual predators, grew until she could no longer contain it. Defending
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Despite being acquitted by a jury, the accusations and speculations destroy the educational path Lily worked so hard to earn. What 's worse, when her precarious legal situation forces her to reveal the truth about her charismatic uncle, the rest of her family renounces her, not one of them is willing to suspect Harry of such heinous crimes.

With her future in shambles and no one to turn to, Lily leaves her home in Phoenix, hoping to restart her life and move on, but she quickly learns that the past will ALWAYS catch up to her no matter where she hides.

In Out for Blood, the second novel of the Maneater series, 15 years have passed since Lily 's fateful confrontation with her uncle. We find her in a sorry emotional state, with the police breathing down her neck and a tough decision to make: self-sacrifice or

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