Lily Character Analysis Essay

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The character of Lily Owens evolves and changes as any young woman would throughout the course of her life. Lily begins the book as an insecure, detached, and unaware teenage girl. We see how Lily changed into a wise young woman as she solves the mystery of her mother’s life. Towards the end of the book Lily transforms into a young woman who is much more confident, happier, and vicarious. Lily has learned about love and biases. She learns that people are not always perfect and that love can be shaped by bonds rather than blood. Lily is more self-sufficient as the book progresses. Since Lily has accepted the truth, she has matured and become content with herself and her life. Lily changes and grows in different ways throughout the course of the novel, she changes emotionally and grows physically. Emotionally Lily is able to love and forgive, she is able to respond to her emotions. She has learned to express her emotions, as well as talk about her feelings with others. Physically…show more content…
Eventually, Lily grows to stands up to T.Ray. Throughout the novel she has a sarcastic response to everything. However, towards the end of the novel she begins to have an actual voice. She even learns about prejudices. Since is she not prejudice towards blacks, Lily thinks others aren’t either. However, she learns that everything is not always black and white. Which changes her perspective on life. Towards the end of the novel Lily has grown up and changes into a mature young lady. She changed the way she thinks about her father. Instead of loathing T.Ray, she begins to search for a love that she feels he should and can feel for her. Throughout the novel Lily craves love, love she never felt from her parents. She has finally found the love she sought in Tiburon. After discovering what happened with her parents Lily learned not to judge as much. Lily overall has grown into a more fully engaged
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