Lily Hecker The Stolen Party

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Discrimination at it’s Finest
To estimate means to estimate (something) to be smaller or less important than it actually is. To underestimate someone can lead to people doubting themselves because other people are underestimating them making them feel worthless. When people feel worthless they tend to not talk to anyone and just want to be alone just being lonely all because people underestimated them and always told them they can’t do anything. When people start to hate their life they might commit suicide by killing themselves. Another example is that people underestimate people just because of their race which is called racial prejudice. For an example people think that the best race to be on TV is white people, that’s why there are
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Rosaura’s mom is a maid for a white family and the reader can assume that Rosaura’s mother does not get paid well because she is a maid. Heker states in the story that “Every afternoon she used to go to Luciana’s house and they would both finish their homework while Rosaura’s mother did the cleaning” (page number 1). This evidence shows that the white family already assumes that Rosaura’s mother is going to clean the house and that they don’t have to worry about cleaning because they already have a “hispanic” cleaning the house. The white family is underestimating Rosaura’s mother’s abilities because they assume that because she’s “hispanic” she has to be a maid/slave for a higher class of people and don’t believe that she can get a better job with a higher payment. Also, Heker states, “You really and truly deserve this, she said handing them over, thank you for all your help, my pet.” (she gave her two bills) this evidence shows that Senora Ines is also underestimating Rosaura’s abilities because her mom is a maid so Senora Ines will assume that Rosaura will turn out to be like her mother because her mother is a maid for the white
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