Lily Owens Character Analysis

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Have you ever suffered a horrible loss in your life? If you have, you are not the only one. Lily Owens, the main character in the Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, lives with a traumatic event that changed her life forever. When Lily was four years old, she accidentally shot and killed her mother. With all the pain she goes through her dad, T.Ray, is very rude and abusive towards her. Lily lives a lonely life so that triggers her to go retrace her mother 's footsteps to learn more about her mother’s pass because T.Ray won’t talk about her. Even though Lily doesn’t really have a family, she gains a new one along her journey. The loss of someone important in your life can be extremely devastating. Lily’s loss of her mother and T.Ray takes…show more content…
She finds some of her mom’s belongings and on the back of a picture of a black Madonna it said, “Tiburon, South Carolina”, she thought her mother must have been there sometime in her life. Lily ran away with Rosaleen and they set off to go to Tiburon. When entering a shop she came across the exact same photo on a jar of honey. She asks if the store clerk knows where the honey is made and he says, “ Oh sure, it’s the darndest house you ever saw. Painted like Pepto-Bismol.”:(Kidd. 64) They make it to the bright pink house and meet the Calendar Sisters, August, June, and May, they let them stay for as long as they need. Lily continues to want to tell August about her mother, but something always comes up. When the time was right, she told August, Lily ended up hearing some stuff she didn 't want to hear about her mother. She did realize in the long run her mom really loved and cared for her. While being at the Calendars Sister 's house for a while T.Ray showed up and told Lily, they were going home right away. Lily said that she refuses to go with him, then he says no one wants you here. In that moment, Lily figured out that August and everyone she met while staying in Tiburon really cared because the next thing she knew August was standing up for her and saying it would be a delight to have her live with them. Lily ended up gaining a new family without…show more content…
After running away and coming across the bright pink house, Lily was given one of the greatest gifts, a family. If Lily never saw the picture on the jar of honey, she would not have found the Calendar sisters, learned about her mother, and live in Tiburon with people who appreciate her presence. The smallest details led Lily to something amazing. Even though Lily had to deal with a lot of pain and suffering it ended up working out in the end because now she doesn’t have to live a lonely and scared life. Lily’s new life has started and it will be the life she wished she had ever since she was four- years-
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