Lily Owens Character Comparison Essay

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All people are created in the image and likeness of God, each person made different. Because of this, all families are created differently. Lily Owens, the main character in the Secret Life of Bees, had a different family situation like me. Lily and I both have a single parent and we are an only child. This shows that not all families are the same.
My father was a fighter pilot in the Naval Air Force. He was a man with lots of courage and he wanted his family to be proud of him. He told my mom he wanted to be an astronaut for NASA and explore all of space. This dream ended on (the date) because my father got in a terrible accident. While flying earlier that month he had received a concussion and wanted to try flying again. The day he tried to fly again, there was an error in his plane and he had to shoot out of the plane on his seat. He landed in the ocean and the hospital was called to come and help them. The water was very cold and was the part of the ocean with many sharks. The people were not trained properly so he fell back into the ocean after they tried to grab him. This made is current condition worse. My mom had to nurse him back to health while she was pregnant with me. Several months after the accident, my mom noticed signs that made her concerned with his condition. He wanted to …show more content…

This story spread around her town and Lily never had friends because no mother wanted their child hanging out with a child killer. She was never taken care of and she titled herself as “unlovable”. It was not that she was unlovable, it was that she wasn’t loved by the people that never knew what love was like T. Ray. She had many things she couldn’t be apart of as well like not being able to be in the girl club for young ladies. She had no mother and Rosaleen, their African American nanny/maid, could not be her female figure because Rosaleen was African

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