Limón Technique Analysis

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This semester in modern has been by far my favorite. When we started this semester with Limón technique and you said we were going to be tested on it after a few classes I actually got nervous. I remembered back to my first semester here at Coker and having Limón technique for the first time. I felt at the end of the semester I learned a lot about this technique but I felt that I had a lot of room to still investigate with this unfamiliar technique. I felt what helped me bring this technique back in to my body was talking as a class about the important aspects of Limón technique. Being reminded of the important aspects such as the swinging of arms and legs, weight in your arms, legs and pelvis as well as the curve in the torso. I felt it took me a few days to get Limón technique back into my body, but being able to pick up phrase…show more content…
Release technique was something that I wanted to explore with some more especially since I tend to hold a lot of tension on an everyday bases. I have found it interesting in listening to what we all imagine when you give us an image such as a cloud. After we perform an exploration I often think of why I imagined that image that way. So far while exploring release technique I have found that even during ballet I am not holding as much tension. One exploration that I felt I did not find release in my movement but made me more differently was when you gave up the illusion we were in a cylinder. I automatically thought I was underground and I was trying to get out. The more I struggled to find my way out the smaller the cylinder became. I started to realize that I was moving in ways I have never moved before. This exploration made me realized that I do not like to be in small confined areas. Yes, it helped me move differently, but I much rather have too much space around me then not having enough
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