Lim Goh Tong Leadership Analysis

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LEADERSHIP LESSONS How did Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Goh Tong manage to attract followers and inspire them to try their best in achieving a shared goal? How did he manage to convince all his followers that they can reach beyond the ordinary expectations together? These questions can be answered through the visionary leadership style that Uncle Lim possessed, a name he was fondly known as. According to Kirkpatrick in Visionary Leadership Theory, visionary leader is someone who inspires astonishing levels of accomplishment in their followers through an inspiring vision and other actions. We see visionary leaders everywhere. For instance, in business organization, religious institutions, government, school, sports team, different levels of society and cultures. Based on the theory, Uncle Lim’s leadership style will be discussed as follows: Figure 2: Lim Goh Tong Visionary Leadership A visionary leader is very good in communicating with people. Uncle Lim understood the importance of effective communication. He knew that people can turn his goal into reality. Uncle Lim also did a great job in articulating his dreams, goals and…show more content…
Charismatic can be learnt. Uncle Lim had the ability to bring the people together. The people willingly did everything for him and followed him where he shared it in his book, “If you build a successful business and organization, always believe that the most valuable asset of a company is its people. It is the people that make up the organization. It is the people that run the organization. It is the people that make things happen.” He knew very well that everyone is important. He appreciated everyone and this made everyone to identify their value of existence in the organization and even in the world. People often say that “It’s not about who you are, but who you know”. Uncle Lim always believed that treating everyone well means securing the assistance when
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