Lime Crime Cosmetics

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Beauty and Doe Deere are a perfect match. The pastel-haired creator of Lime Crime cosmetics is the type of individual that definitely stands out in a crowd of pale and uninspiring colors. The vibrant haired Unicorn Queen is one of the most successful women in the beauty industry. Many of her followers are inspired by her look, but would definitely like to know a bit more about her beginnings. Doe Deere recently shared more about her beginnings and her philosophy on beauty and living a life without no regrets. Ambition Inspired Doe Deere Doe Deere was always a very ambitious young woman. She was born in Russia and migrated to the United States. She brought plenty of drive and ambition along with her to this country. Deere settled in New York, which was the perfect location to feed her ambition for success. It 's interesting to note that Doe Deere…show more content…
She also likes to guide and motivate people into following their own dreams. Deere believes that every person on the planet is unique. Every person has a special skill or ability that they should try to explore. This unique gift will put them in touch with their true self. Deere found that unique quality within herself. This is what inspired her to create Lime Crime Cosmetics. A company that specializes in vibrant colors that dazzle the mind and eye. Lime Crime Deere relates that she was inspired to start Lime Crime through necessity. The market was filled with makeup that did not fit her personality or special needs. Deere loved vibrant colors. She decided to start her own makeup line that was filled with the type of bold and exciting colors that fit her personality. Surprisingly, there were literally millions of young women and men that were thrilled with her line of makeup and were looking for makeup that gave them their own freedom to express themselves. Today, Lime Crime is one of the most successful makeup lines
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