Lime Stone College Research Paper

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Limestone College in Gaffney, S.C. is known for its athletics. Most people would think a school with majority of student-athletes, would have a decent café. Well don’t expect much from Limestone College, it has a horrible café. Students who live on campus must have a meal plan, which is ridiculous. Most students throw away a lot of food which is a waste of their money. Forcing students to pay for something that is worthless, which isn’t fair. Also, the café is only open during certain hours. This causes some athletes that lift late in the afternoon to miss dinner. The hours are unfair to the students and should be adjusted to fit the needs of the students. Limestone College currently has two places to eat, Stephenson Dinning Hall known as the café and the Sub Connection. The café is the main dining area it has mediocre food and somewhat of a selection. The Sub Connection serves decent subs along with a side of chips, soup or a fruit. The Sub Connection is decent, but it’s doesn’t even compare to Subway. They only give you a six inch sub with your meal plan swipe. If you want a foot-long sandwich you have to pay for the second half. Most athletes at Limestone College need more than a six inch sandwich and a bag of chips to count as one meal.…show more content…
Mainly the quality of the food, every student pays a substantial amount of money to eat on campus. It’s not fair to students having to throw away food and spend their money at restaurants, just so they don’t starve. The hours of the dining hall are definitely the easiest thing to fix, closing at 6:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon is obviously ridiculous. The hours should at least end around 8:00 p.m. Also, building a restaurant on campus would make the school much more appealing to recruits. These problems with the food system at Limestone College are for the most part easy to fix. Fixing these problems would help recruitment, student hunger along with
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