Limitation And Limdation Of Corinthia Hotels In Singapore

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4. Limitation and recommendation of Corinthia Hotels in Singapore
4.1 Limitation
Corinthia Hotels have no operation experiences in Asia due to their businesses focus in Europe, Africa and The Middle East in the past. The brand awareness is not high as Europe when they expand their business in Singapore. Besides, the hotel industry in Singapore has strong competitiveness which there is lots of competitors. The luxury brand hotels in Singapore are well-known and have already built their brand value among tourists. Tourists would prefer a well-known hotel rather than Corinthia Hotels although they provide the similar services. Brand awareness of Corinthia Hotels is a big issue when they develop in Singapore.

To build up the brand awareness of Corinthia Hotels in Singapore, it needs to promote the hotels through different channels, such as advertising, sales promotion. In contrast, the costs of marketing aspects may be high in the beginning. The costs of advertising will high as well, especially television. Using television to promote the hotels can reach many people as it is a mass media. It can see and hear the advertisements to send the messages directly. Also, it may impress the people if they get interest. However, it is expensive. In addition, the two famous celebrities - Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson have a busy schedule in their daily life. If their schedules are not allowed to be the hotel representatives. It needs to invite other celebrities to replace as

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