What Role Does Technology Play In Diplomacy Essay

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What is limitation of diplomacy using technology give the examples? Although technology provides a good influence in the world to diplomacy because it indirectly change the DNA of diplomacy itself, but it is not impossible that technology has a bad or dangerous impact on diplomacy because in modern times everything is fast and free (Sandre, A. 2013). With a lot of information that can be accessed freely of course can also bring adverse effects, especially on diplomatic relations of a country which of course does not always go well and smooth like in want for both parties. Where with information abundance makes the government a target of excessive public opinion, not to mention the loss of privacy from the state to keep secret of what needs to be concealed. So that the need for limitation in terms of technology use in order to create stability and security in international relations (Martin, Clifton and Laura Jagla, 2013). In its own diplomacy the use of technology also requires limitation, in addition to reducing the dangers that will be generated also to do the diplomacy with the right target and efficient. It is true that today's technology is a new DNA in the world of diplomacy, where diplomatic trades can be…show more content…
If the ancient world used traditional diplomacy to run diplomatic relations now they are turning to modern diplomacy that uses more technology (Hocking, Brian and Jan Melissen, 2015). Here the technology roles as a new DNA for diplomacy between countries who are expected to facilitate diplomacy relations. Then how until finally the technology can enter as a new DNA for diplomacy that is, enter the era of modernization or digitalization where all the technology has now adapted the concept of smart technology (Sandre, A. 2013). Technology is now more sophisticated than smart TV, smart car and the most common is smart
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