Limitations And Limitations Of Computer

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1) What is computer? Discuss its features, uses and limitations Computer is electronic device that is design to work with a set of instruction. The term of computer are derived from the Latin term 'Computare ', which is means a programmable machine. Furthermore, the first mechanical computer was called Analytical Engine and it designed by Charles Babbage. Thus, Charles Babbage are recognized as the "grandfather" of the computer. The Mechanical computer (Analytical Engine) uses ROM (read only memory) in the form of punched card. (DINESH THAKUR) Computer is an advanced electronic device and consist powerful components to enter data and instructions. The next is electronic device will process these data with control a set of instructions which is called program and the same time will conveys information to other people either hold the data, instructions, and information for future use. The word of computer generally refers to the CPU (Central Processor Unit) and Internal Memory. Besides that Computer can be process numerical and non-numerical calculations. Computer can 't do anything without a program to represents the decimal number through a string of binary digits. (DINESH THAKUR) The most features of computers is get something so powerful. A powerful computer is competent of performing about 3 to 4 million simple arithmetic operations per second. It can carry out instructions at a very high speed and perform in a few seconds. Different with human being need to speed a

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