Limitations Of A Teacher, Fostering Resilience In The Classroom

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In a classroom, there is a wide variety of students in regards to their socioeconomic status, motivation, mental health issues, and more. It is a teacher 's job to cater and educate their students, regardless of their home lives, disabilities, or hardships. An at-risk child faces many hardships in school. This can be intensified without the support of their parents, teachers, and school. Through teachers, fostering resilience in their classroom, adhering to student’s interests, and encouraging physical activities, they provide at-risk children the ability to succeed despite the barriers they are faced with. At-risk students undergo a multitude of barriers, however, if a teacher instills resilience in the child they can successfully overcome their limitations. One way teachers can foster resilience in the classroom is through encouraging their students to acquire a growth mindset. Many students believe they are successful at one subject and terrible at another, however, through fostering a growth mindset these ideas will decrease. This philosophy teaches the child that intelligence is not finite, and it is an ongoing process, that with hard work any individual can improve their current capabilities. This realization makes students excited to learn because they begin to enjoy the learning process, feeling content from knowledge rather than receiving a grade. This ideal is important because when a child acquires a growth mindset they gain a positive attitude about

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