Resilience In The Classroom

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In a classroom, there is a wide variety of students in regards to their socioeconomic status, motivation, mental health issues, and more. It is a teacher 's job to cater and educate their students, regardless of their home lives, disabilities, or hardships. An at-risk child faces many hardships in school. This can be intensified without the support of their parents, teachers, and school. Through teachers, fostering resilience in their classroom, adhering to student’s interests, and encouraging physical activities, they provide at-risk children the ability to succeed despite the barriers they are faced with. At-risk students undergo a multitude of barriers, however, if a teacher instills resilience in the child they can successfully overcome their limitations. One way…show more content…
A way to decrease this tendency is through relating and creating lessons that interest students. Sadly, in schools, children with severe academic, behavioral, and social problems are disregarded, often seen as the problem child. These children are passed along each grade to teachers who do not address their problems. As a student in the special education program, I saw my, peers who endured constant failure begin to resent school. They viewed school as a waste and dropped out once they turned 16. A way to decrease this possibility is enriching students through relating and teaching about topics that interest them. In schools, teachers can gain interest from their students by teaching about out of the ordinary topics, sparking enthusiasm. They can also teach topics that they know their students feel knowledgeable and interested in. Additionally, high school teachers can relate topics to students post-secondary plans, this makes the child believe school is important and worth their time. With positive perceptions of school and improved self-esteem at-risk students will be less likely to drop
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