Limitations Of Children With Disability

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Children with disabilities have been looked a pond with images of individuals sitting in a wheelchair or perhaps a blind or deaf person or mental distortions and autism. In fact, a limitation is a more complicated noticeable physical impairment. The degree and the type of disability may be different from one child to another. (According to The Disability Act (2006), disability is defined to be an impairment which may either be sensory, neurological or physical.) Such impairment may result in a reduced capability and capacity for self-care, management, communication or mobility of the disabled person.
Children with disabilities may also be understood as the definition stated in The Disability Act. Despite the ease with which is defined, children with disabilities not only suffer from some problems but also become a source the disturbance. In other words, children undergo the pain of growing and living with their disability, are treated differently by school and the society in general, and invite different responses from their families. Some children are even abandoned by their families while others are loved unconditionally. It is important, to begin with, understanding the condition and the events these children have to go through.
This is essential because although the people related to the child are also experiencing some fluctuations; it is the children them self that have to suffer the most. For instance, individuals who have a disability are also at risk of developing

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