Limitations Of Cosmetic Consumers In Mangalore

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Limitations of the Study
• This study focuses on the consumers only in Mangalore city area. Hence, the findings of this study do not reflect the overall status of cosmetic consumers in Mangalore.
Literature Review
Joel Dean (1951) observes that the advertising expenditures for each product should be pushed to the point where the additional outlay equals the profit from the sales caused by the outlay.
According to Roose Reeves (1967), to determine the advertiseability of a product, the factors like primary demand, buying motives, hidden qualities, differential advantage and money in every marketing situation must be analyzed carefully.
Krishnamurthi and Raj (1985) in his study opines that once the advertising is increased the demand for the brand becomes significantly more inelastic in the test panel of families.
Deighton et al. (1994) finds a large loyalty effect, in which a buyer is likely to purchase the same brand as was bought on the previous shopping trip and that advertising does little to change the repeat-purchase probabilities of consumers that have just purchased the brand.
Ackerberg (2001) constructs a binary logit model to show that Advertising’s effect on inexperienced consumers is positive and significant, whereas advertising has only a small and insignificant effect on experienced consumers. He also finds that the effectiveness of advertising declines as the consumer becomes more experienced.
In the opinion of Erdem and Keane (1996), consumers are risk

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