Limitations Of Dependency Theory

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5. Discussion - What is dependency theory, according to your textbook? What are two strategies that can be provided by social service agencies to reduce the effects of dependency theory? The dependency theory implies that battered women could not easily get away from their abusive partners because they are financially and emotionally dependent on them. Domestic violence, for instance, is more common in poor households than in more affluent households. In most poor households, only the male partner is employed while the wife is left to care for the house and the children. Unemployed, the wife becomes increasingly dependent on her husband most especially when they have children already. As observed by scholars, “maltreated wives may have little or no income of their own and thus may believe that they would not be able to support themselves or their children if they are to leave the abusive relationship” (Nolan, & Juliao). Aside from economic dependency, most women are emotionally attached to their partners thinking that they would not be able to find any other relationship apart from what they currently have. In order to address the impacts of dependency, social workers should first, pinpoint the nature of dependency and resolve from that standpoint. Financially dependent women, for instance, should be given trainings and seminars on how to earn for herself and her family. As much as possible, social workers should help her find a job or at least give her
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